5 Reasons Why We Should Value the Trees More


5 Reasons Why We Should Value the Trees More

Since the very beginning, trees have served two very essentials of our life and that is food and oxygen. As we evolved with time, we found out a lot is there in offering such as shelter, tools, and medicine.

Now in today’s date, the value of trees continues to grow and we found more benefits from a tree that expands the role it plays in our lives to satisfy the needs we have created in this modern lifestyle. Let’s look at the 5 reasons why we should value these trees more often than we do:

1.Social and community value

For any community, a tree is very important. Just look around from our streets, back or front yards, parks, or playgrounds and you would see a tree lining up that creates a scene of serenity, looks aesthetically pleasing, and gives a feeling of peacefulness. Trees are essential in uplifting the quality of life we live in since they keep us closer to nature and wildlife habitats despite staying in urban areas.

We still choose to get into the shade of a tree during outdoor activities with family and friends. You would also hear the story about the historic tree standing in your neighborhood from years that people have now made a landmark and feel pride about that in itself.


2.Environmental and ecological value

Trees have a major contribution to the environment as a source of oxygen, keeping the air quality fresh, conserving water, supports wildlife, climate amelioration, and preserving soil. During the photosynthesis process, trees take in the carbon dioxide from the surroundings and provide us with the oxygen we need for breathing.

If we look at the stats provided by the experts, they say one acre of forests is capable enough to absorb six tons of carbon dioxide and in respect puts out four tons of oxygen. Isn’t it amazing? Since this much oxygen is enough to provide oxygen to 18 people annually!

Not only trees but shrubs and turf are also very effective in filtering the air by removing the dust parts and absorbing pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. Once the unhealthy particles are taken by the trees, the same is washed down by the rain.


3.Spiritual and in-person value

The key thing because there is so much likeness with the tree is that they are very beautiful and majestic. With different species of trees, you would see different types of colors, shapes, textures, and forms with no two trees being alike. Even an individual piece of the tree goes through a whole lot of changes right from planting it to become a mature tree.

The colors and texture see a lot of change every season. As beautiful as they look, the same tree possesses a figure of strength, regal stature, and a strong lifespan. Most of the feeling peaceful with the company of trees that are pleasant reflect the comfortable feeling and stand relaxed. This is the reason why many people love to plant a tree as living memorials representing life-changing events.

Trees help record the history and down the memory lane events of your family with the time you grow and develop in the lap of nature with you and your kids. There’s no surprise because we often end up making an emotional connection with the trees we have planted and watching them grow every day brings us closer to them.


4.Commercial and practical value

Trees have stood tall and supported us throughout our existence at a sustainable pace. They serve a wide variety of commercial and practical uses. For instance, wood was the very first fuel source we found, and even in today’s date, we use them for the same purpose where it cooks our food or keeps us heated during cold winter nights.

Do you need timber for building construction? You have trees provided from timber and it helps with thousands of household items, furniture manufacture, sporting equipment, and tools. The paper that we used every day is also made from wood pulp that comes from a tree. Now, look at all those delicious fruits from apples, oranges to the wide range of other fruits and nuts that exist worldwide that come directly from trees. Love that maple syrup? Guess where it came from!


5.Adds value to the property

Individual trees and shrubs standing in your yard increase the value and contribute to its savings. However, a strong economic impact is made with the collective influence of the landscape you have and how maintained you kept it. Therefore, you should consider taking help of professionals such as tree services Sydney contractors for maintaining the value of your yard.

The economic benefits get added up with the savings it has in energy costs, you would be requiring fewer cooling effects since you have shades hence reducing the expenses and the same goes for the heating costs since the tree will act as a windbreaker during the cold days. It is a known fact that properly placed trees on the property reduce the cooling costs by 30% and 20-50% for the heating.


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