What Is The Effect Of Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Countertops

oven cleaner kitchen countertop

No doubt, greasy spots and oil on the kitchen countertops are the basic and the worst beauty degraders for your kitchen. It’s really hard and sometimes impossible to remove these stains. For sure, these stains will stubborn over time and damage the whole beauty of your kitchen.

Removing these spots with simple water is impossible. They will surely damage the glossy and stunning appearance of your countertops. Don’t worry; we are not here to frightened you but to provide a solution for this issue.

Most people consider oven cleaners to clean the oily spots and stains from the countertops. However, most of us don’t know about the effects and results of using the oven cleaner for countertop’s cleaning.

Without knowing about their effects, if you are also using the oven cleaner, you will end up with a lot of damages to your countertops. For sure, you even have to place the oven cleaner away from your cabinets. Otherwise, get ready yourself for the severe consequences.

You can get complete information about the effects of the oven cleaner on your cabinets by reading this article. We have discussed the basic effects of oven cleaners on the cabinet’s cleaning in this post. Unfortunately, cleaning the cabinets is not an easy process. Let’s discuss the effects of oven cleaner on the different types of countertops in detail for better understanding.

Why Do You Avoid Using Oven Cleaner For Countertops?

Undoubtedly, oven cleaners are great to fight against stubborn spots and stains. But a few ingredients in these cleaners make them super dangerous for the kitchen countertops. Therefore, you should think thousands of times before considering these cleaners for your cabinets.

Otherwise, you will the responsible for all damages and consequences. The reason is that oven cleaners are based on highly toxic ingredients and chemicals. So, you should avoid using them on the cabinets.

If you are using these cleaners on the countertops, they may damage the glossy surface or material. Moreover, they can also fade the colour of cabinets. So, use these cleaners for the cabinets only if you are ready for dull and colourless kitchen counters.

However, the effects of oven cleaners will vary on each countertop based on its material. Let’s start discussing these effects for different types of kitchen countertops:

Natural Stone Countertops:

We all love the natural and shiny appearance of the stone cabinets. But these counters are more prone to stain and trash because of their smooth surface. However, the oven cleaners that include Calcium Carbonate and other toxic chemicals don’t damage the surface of stone countertops. So, these counters can survive even after cleaning with the oven cleaner for a long-time.

The best thing is that it’s not easy to discolour the natural stones. However, it’s not impossible. Therefore, think twice before using the oven cleaners even for the stone counters. Avoid using the cleaner for Quartz countertops because the chances of discolouration are higher in these cases.

Tiled Countertops:

Well, tiled countertops are not really common like natural stone counters. But people still consider them for their kitchen because of their attractive appearance. Most of us think that using the oven cleaner on the dirty grout of the counters is completely safe. But it’s not true.

If you are doing this, the oven cleaner will surely damage the upper layer of tiles. Moreover, the grout may also break because of highly toxic cleaner’s ingredients.

No doubt, it’s really daunting to clean the dirty tiles and grout. But it doesn’t mean that you can apply the high-end chemicals on the counters. If you are doing this, get ready yourself for unexpected damages.

Instead of using the oven cleaner for the tiles and grout, you can use the natural mixture of dish wash soap, vinegar and water to clean them appropriately.

Steel Countertops:

If you are familiar with modern building infrastructures, you will surely know about the importance of steel counters. These days, steel counters are common in the modern kitchen. However, it’s really difficult to maintain and clean these counters because of their shiny appearance. Even the water drop may leave a spot on this material. Therefore, if you are thinking about using the oven cleaner for these cabinets, you are wrong.

The chemicals in the oven cleaner may leave spots on the steel material. Moreover, chemicals can also infuse in the steel material and later in the food if you put the food ingredients on the treated steel surface.

For steel countertop’s cleaning, you can simply use the water and dish wash soap for effective results. Additionally, you can use warm water to treat the stubborn stains and spots on the stainless-steel counters.

Wooden Countertops:

Don’t even think about using the oven cleaner or high-end chemicals for cleaning on the wooden counters. No doubt, it’s not easy to maintain and clean the wooden cabinets. But it doesn’t mean that you can treat them with highly toxic chemicals and ingredients for instant results.

If you are doing this, your counters have to suffer a lot of damages. Even if the damages are irreversible, you may need to replace the old countertop with the new one. that’s why it’s better to not take a chance.

To clean the wooden counters, you can go for lukewarm water and mild soap. You cannot use this mixture with a brush or sponge. It’s better to spray the mixture on the counters. Later, you can wipe out the residues and cleaner them with the help of a damp cloth.

Avoid washing off the wooden counters with water. Otherwise, water will penetrate the wood and destroy the complete structure. Therefore, make sure to simply use a cloth for cleaning.

How To Deal With Effected Counters?

If you have used the oven cleaner on your countertop without knowing its consequences, you have to deal with the damaged counter immediately. In the case of the wooden countertop, you can polish it with a wood stain or a new layer of protective enamel to minimize the damages.

Clean the treated surface with soap and mild water. Lastly, apply professional or high-quality wood oil on the wooden counters.

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