6 Tips for Remodeling and Cleaning Your House After a Disaster

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Nothing is worse than witnessing your dream home getting ravaged by a destructive natural disaster. Hurricanes, tornados, storms, and strong winds can wreak havoc on the structure and your life quality. Weaker cosmetic and foundational structures are much more vulnerable, as strong winds can dismantle them easily.

However, as they say, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. We urge you to look at the brighter side in this challenging and debilitating time: a transformative home renovation. Here’s an opportunity to undertake a home transformation and make all the changes that will multiply your life quality. You can strengthen the foundation to build more robust defenses against weather hazards alongside aesthetically pleasing cosmetic upgrades.

But, how does one get started to rebuild a structure that is entirely dismantled? It may seem overwhelming, but a strategic approach will help you put together a sturdier and more functional foundation. First, you must overcome the emotional trauma and embrace a positive mindset by channeling optimism.

Keep reading to explore practical tips that will help you clean and remodel your home efficiently.

Finding the Right Contractor

Putting together a competent and reliable construction crew is of the utmost significance. It would help if you hired a contractor with a flourishing reputation and a portfolio of happy and satisfied clients. We strongly advise homeowners from taking the advice of their insurance providers. Most insurance companies try to dictate to their clients which contractor they ought to hire.

Do your research and find a contractor who aligns with your needs and requirements instead of blindly hiring who they recommend. It’s wise to hire a licensed contractor specializing in restorations to rebuild your home with diligent attention to quality controls. A licensed professional specializing in reconstruction will also help speed up the payment approval process to secure your insurance settlements.

Reconstruction contractors speak the same language and use similar computer programs as insurance providers and assessors. Hiring a reconstruction contractor will help you obtain insurance-ready documents and paperwork. Working with a reconstruction specialist will minimize insurance-related delays and reduce your loss time.

Eliminating the Clutter & Debris

Natural disasters create an ocean of debris, junk, and clutter, turning your home into a garbage dump. It would help if you undertook a clean sweep before starting the reconstruction process. It’s wise to hire a cleaning company instead of attending to this chore yourself. It’s not easy to lift the debris of foundational damages, broken furniture, and dismantled fixtures.

It’s a laborious and arduous process, and it requires extensive manual work. We advise you to identify the furniture pieces, fixtures, and items that you can salvage and leave the rest to cleaning professionals. They will come in with power washers and specialized equipment to perform a deep clean and eliminate all clutter. Be sure to spruce up the lawn and outdoor areas, and clean up the basement and attic.

Repairing & Moisture-Proofing the Basement

Undoubtedly, the basement is one of the most vulnerable structures that can put the entire property at grave risk for weather-induced damages. Has your basement retained moisture, mold, or mildew in the past? It’s crucial to use this remodel as an opportunity to fix existing issues and moisture-proof your basement.

You must work closely with your contractor and install perimeter drainage tiles, and sump pumps to eliminate moisture. A French drain is also an effective solution to pump all water away from the property. Find which solution works best for your foundational structure and architectural design. These solutions may seem expensive, but they work wonders at preventing damages during floods and storms.

It’s also wise to observe the land around your basement, mainly the washed-out areas. Most homeowners pay close attention to the internal drainage systems and neglect the outdoor grading. That’s a mistake you do not want to repeat. The grading must slope away from the property as the destruction occurs when the earth slopes towards the foundation.

Strengthen the Interior Walls

Most homeowners are blissfully unaware of this alarming reality: floodwater is brimming with microbes, bacteria, and dangerous contaminants. That’s right, and if your home has suffered water damage, you need to toughen up and deodorize the walls. This endeavor demands you to remove all the material and frame and deodorize everything.

Strengthening the interior walls is crucial to prevent disasters from dismantling your home again. We recommend beefing up the walls with water-resistant materials, such as fiberglass wall insulation. It will act as a sponge, absorbing all the water to prevent damages, mold, and mildew growth. It’s also wise to use a cement board to replace the drywall and avoid moisture absorption. Waterproof paint will also toughen up the interior.

Toughen-up the Floors

Floors and carpets soak up the moisture, setting the stage for unprecedented destruction. It’s crucial to install waterproof materials, especially in vulnerable areas, such as basements and attics. Tiles are an excellent flooring material, given their ability to resist moisture-related damages for days. We strongly advise homeowners to steer clear of laminate, hardwood, and carpet to prevent similar destruction from reoccurring.

Is your area prone to floods, rainfall, and water-related damages? In that case, it’s wise to consider constructing a sizable channel by raising the floor with rubber feet. It will create a pathway for the water to run out, eliminating moisture from your floors.

Make Upgrades & Improvements

A renovation is an excellent opportunity to undertake improvements and upgrades you’ve always wanted to add. For instance, you can alter the floor plan and merge the dining room for a bigger, more spacious living room. Or you can change the floor plan of your kitchen to add a lovely breakfast area and a small herb garden.

Ideas are abundant, and it’s wise to prioritize upgrades that add value to your life quality. Have you always dreamt of a walk-in wardrobe? Well, now’s the time to make this transformation by using some area for a spacious closet. You can even construct an outdoor deck or use the space for a swimming pool.


Be sure to avoid rushing into the process. Instead, take your time to do it right. Much time, effort, and money will go into the reconstruction project, so you must pay attention. Take your time to perform your research, prioritize quality materials and hire the right contractor.

You have to future-proof your home against water damages and natural hazards to prevent the destruction from reoccurring. It’s also essential to prioritize your emotional and mental wellbeing. We advise relocating to a temporary rental so you and your family can minimize the suffering and discomfort.


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